References for Nature publishing group

For submitting to any nature publishing group journal, one has to typeset all the citations in their format.. which is obviously different from the Phys. Rev. journals…

One way of doing this is to use the naturemag.bst file here,

Use this in your .tex file.. like this…

\bibliography{references} %references.bib is the bib file

Now the problem here is it will show the URLs. if the references.bib file has URLS added..

One cheap way of solving this is just remove the url lines from the bib file,

sed ‘/URL/d’ ./references.bib > ./newfile.bib

sed ‘/url/d’ ./oldfile.bib > ./referencesnature.bib

Now referencesnature.bib file will not contain any URLs..

now use the same command in the tex file

\bibliography{referencesnature} %referencesnature.bib is the bib file

Once the tex file is processed.. and .bbl file is generated, you can manually copy the content of .bbl file into the actual tex file.. and remove the \bibliographystyle and \bibliography command from the tex file..

Well.. with all this, it could still may not be full-proof.. so the titles have to be checked for capitalizing all proper nouns..also, the journal titles may need to be checked..

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