Script file

Following is the script file, which uses various commands etc in unix


rm fort.*                                                                        #remove old files if you wish

for k in 1 # $(seq 1 1 8)                                                #k takes the values 1, 2,  ..8


for i in $(seq 1.0 -0.01 0.50) #eq 0.01 0.10 0.50)


#k=$((($i+3)/2))                                             #do some calculation if you wish

for j in 1 # $(seq 20 5 150)



echo “$””casecard
casename= nirvana
$” >

echo “$””stopcard
stop_program_flag = 0
$” >>

./testdel  #execulatable of the program
echo -ne “$i ” >>Bond_Perco_Transition.txt  #output file, adds a column in the text file
cat fort.32 >>Bond_Perco_Transition.txt   # output file again



echo “Code 10X10 chern completed” | mail -s “run complete” email-id  #the computer sends you an email saying the program is done

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