Printing a poster into multiple A4 sheets

big headache, solves like this:   This seems like a messy problem requiring grunt work. Thankfully, there is a simple tool that solves this problem: PDFPoster! Installing it is easy: 1 $ sudo apt install pdfposter Just specify the size of your printer and the intended size for your PDF and it does the job. …


plot every point with a different color in Mathematica

data is a list of the form {{x1,y1},{x2,y2},{x3,y3}..} Lsize there is another list of the form {z1,z2,z3..} based on which you wish to have the color Both the list are of the same size Colorlist = Map[Hue, Lsize/300.0]; ListPlot[Table[Style[data[[i]], Colorlist[[i]]], {i, 1, Length[Lsize]}]] Entries inside Hue should be <1