Printing a poster into multiple A4 sheets

big headache, solves like this:   This seems like a messy problem requiring grunt work. Thankfully, there is a simple tool that solves this problem: PDFPoster! Installing it is easy: 1 $ sudo apt install pdfposter Just specify the size of your printer and the intended size for your PDF and it does the job. …


Make gnuplot column as a variable

Consider a case where there is a complicated manipulation of the columns which you wish to do before final plotting. The expression can be made into a variable a = ‘column(4)/column(3)’ but this will not work if you just put the system as pl … u 1:a .. One needs to use this pl[][] filename1 …

Discontinuous patches in surface plot

  Sometimes surface plots (Plot3D) in Mathematica can show discontinuous patches. Use exclusions none (Make sure the exclusions are unphysical)   Plot3D[Re[Bands[J1val, J2val, kxval, kyval]], {kxval, kxv – delta, kxv + delta}, {kyval, kyv – delta, kyv + delta}, Exclusions -> None] courtesy and more details: